Thursday, August 29, 2013

Transaero Airlines Climbing to the Top of the Foreign Airline List

Recent reports are suggesting that foreign airline carriers are ranking extremely high on the top list of airlines pertaining to customer service, newer aircrafts and more. One of the airlines that is swiftly moving up through the high ranking list of enhanced customer service, particularly for the Jewish Orthodox traveler, is Transaero Airlines.

Transaero Airlines is one of the very few airlines continuing to allow you to check two (2) free “checked baggage” - a unique commodity in today’s traveling world, especially for families traveling together, as well as Yeshiva/Seminary students. « Additionally, special discounts are offered for students called “Youth Fares” – and child fare prices range from 30-40% off adult fares, a huge savings. «

On a non-secular point, this particular airline shows great respect and thoughtfulness toward Orthodox traveler’s specific needs (kosher meals, prayer service, etc.). «  From a secular point, travelers who prefer to purchase a one way ticket – usually dealing with other major carriers who penalize their travelers for purchasing a one way ticket by charging much higher fares than would be charged for a round-trip ticket, will find that Transaero Airlines’ cost for a one way ticket is almost half the fare  than a round trip ticket, greatly assisting you in your plans, as well as your pockets. « A pleasantry indeed.

Another outstanding highlight for this airline is their refund policy, which is in a class of their own. With most airlines today, should you need to cancel your trip, in most cases you are charged a fee, and the cost of the trip itself is credited to you for use in purchasing a future flight with their airline (time and other restrictions apply). With Transaero Airlines, for a very small fee (approximately 150 Euro), you are refunded for the cost of your ticket in its entirety. «

As I have yet to find anything perfect in this world, a bit disappointing, though I don’t believe it will be of much concern in the future, is that Transaero Airlines recently ended their partnership with BMI Diamond Club Program, since the BMI was taken over by the British Airways, currently leaving the airline unable to offer miles or points in partnership with a major carrier (In the past you we're able to transfer the BMI miles to British Airways Avios for a one to one ratio). However, on a more positive note, during a recent conversation I had with a Transaero Airlines representative, I was advised that this is an essential priority to the airline, and they are working on a plan to bring back the option of participating in a well-known rewards program. In lieu of that conversation, I believe that an option for a frequent flyer rewards program will once again be available sometime in the coming future.

While there are many downsides to using all of the airlines available, there is only one major downside I have found with this airline. If having to connect through Moscow, as a Visa is firmly required for USA citizens to enter their Country, if you do not have a USA Visa, you will have to remain in the airport while waiting for your connecting flight, regardless of the time involved.  This is definitely a disadvantage depending on the length of time you are waiting for your connecting flight (after all, there is only so much you can eat, read or purchase while waiting). Certainly not a point for the “highlight list.” Then again, having only one major downside, still keeps this airline on top of the high ranking list of airlines.

With the one major downside aside, Transaero Airlines is extremely customer centric «, accommodating«, priced fairy «, policy friendly « – and in general, a very warm and considerate airline for the Orthodox community «, as well as all communities alike. «««

Note: As with many airlines, kosher meals are available, and religious protocols are respected and accommodated for.  Please be sure to discuss all of your requests or needs with your reservation specialist during your initial reservation.